Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Yelpocracy - Starts Now - Become a Yelpocrat - and RATE THIS IDEA First

Yelpocracy Starts Now!

by Michael Mathiesen

In these pages we will be uncovering the next great iteration of the United States of America if I have anything to say about it.Please Purchase this book and start YELPING about it.  Be part of the SOLUTIONS instead of part of all the PROBLEMS - Become a YELPOCRAT

Help Bring about the NEW YELPOCRACY that is the perfect blend of THE INTERNET RATING SYSTEM and the so-called DEMOCRACY that the founding fathers of this great country could only DREAM ABOUT.


Everything will FLOW from there.

Where does this idea come from?

The Highest State of Consciousness yet devised - The FeedBack Loop

To that END - While we are busy CONSTRUCTING the YELPOCRACY

Please read more about how to give the proper FEEDBACK for this or any idea that may spring forth at this time in our Evolution.

From This Author

How Did Everything Get So Entangled

AND HOW to UNTangle Them

ALSO - if you do NOT already have a Yelp Account - Please go to and create an account.  If you love your country - founding Yelpocrats will start here.

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Tell us what you think about this country's political system and how YOU would improve it.  We may start YELPING about YOU right now.

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